Quentin Papleux
Senior Lighting Artist / Level artist / Tech Artist

I was in charge of the lighting direction, from prototyping to release. I worked mainly on environment lighting, Boss lighting and some cinematic’s.  I put in place the tool strategy for lighting and workflow on the project (Fog actors control, GPU Lightmass, HUD Lighting, Lighting monitoring tool / Sanity check tool ect).

==  Senior lighting Artist ==

o Head of lighting team // Stakeholder
o Environments / Bosses / Cinematic’s / HUD lighting & post-processing
o Shading / Material balancing & polish
o Environment polish
o Point of contact for external cinematic lighting.
o Designed tools required for lighting
o Technical documentation / Workflow
o Work directly with art director / tech director / design director & senior team.

== Sumo Digital ==

o Supporting lighting / tech lighting for Sheffield & Newcastle studio (Spyder IOS / Hood PS5, PS4, XSX, XONE, PC / Other projects)

I was in charge of the environments creation (17 unique levels) (Level art & technical).

== Level Artist / Environment artist / Lighting artist / Tech Artist ==

o Modeling lowpoly, UVW, Texturing
o Shading / Material
o Environment level building
o Landscape modeling & painting
o Lighting (Environment / Game & Cinematic)
o Post-Process
o Rendering Optimizations (Draw / GPU / PC, X1, PS4)
o Visual Script (Kismet)
o Environment VFX & Gameplay VFX clean
o Final look / Clean
o Technical writing, back up.

Article about my work : https://80.lv/articles/building-environments-for-a-cartoon-game/

Megascan scene slightly redressed and completely relighted to fit an Avatar (movie) mood. Around 7h of work (2-3h of lighting, the rest is dressing, creating some assets, finding some assets and looking for lighting references).

Quick scene dressed with multiple asset packs from Epic store plus my Robot as main actor. I created the lighting, did some dressing and vfx. One night work (around 5 hours).

Megascan scene redressed with Epic store packs (Barn, mill). I realized the dressing and lighting of this scene, around 2 hours.
The car has been modeled on 3 days and one of shading/uvs. 

First of a robot modeling serie, I made the robot in around two days (Modeling, Texturing, Rendering).
Around one day of modeling and one of texturing. 

I created everything from modeling to UE4 integration. Around 2 days of work for the environment,
half day for modular mesh creation and the rest in integration/textures/shaders/VFX.