Quentin Papleux
Senior Lighting Artist / Level artist / Tech Artist

I was in charge of the lighting direction, from prototyping to release. I worked mainly on environment lighting, Boss lighting and some cinematic’s.  I put in place the tool strategy for lighting and workflow on the project (Fog actors control, GPU Lightmass, HUD Lighting, Lighting monitoring tool / Sanity check tool ect).

==  Senior lighting Artist ==

o Head of lighting team / Stakeholder
– Prototyping & Look dev, setup lighting in the project, planning tasks & work with production to fit deadlines, managing meetings.
o Lighting Environments / Bosses / Cinematic’s / HUD lighting & post-processing
–  including 62 levels (46 main levels + 16 voids) + some cinematic’s (Intro first level, Gerald intro, Zomzom intro, ect)
o Shading / Material balancing & polishing (Env assets, Characters materials, Final Sackboy material, Cloth shader, ect)
o Final texture & material cloth polish on main Sackboy skin.
o Environment polishing / placements
o Lighting optimization / VFX optimization / Memory optimization
o Point of contact for external cinematic lighting artists
o Designed tools required for lighting
o Technical documentation / Workflow
o Work directly with art director / tech director / design director & rest of senior team.



PS5 Press: 80 | Player 92
PS4 Press: 81  | Player 91


Technical analysis:


== Sumo Digital ==

o Supporting lighting / tech lighting for Sheffield & Newcastle studio (Spyder IOS / Hood PS5, PS4, XSX, XONE, PC / Other projects)

I was in charge of the environments creation (17 unique levels) (Level art & technical).

== Level Artist / Environment artist / Lighting artist / Tech Artist ==

o Modeling lowpoly, UVW, Texturing
o Shading / Material
o Environment level building
o Landscape modeling & painting
o Lighting (Environment / Game & Cinematic)
o Post-Process
o Rendering Optimizations (Draw / GPU / PC, X1, PS4)
o Visual Script (Kismet)
o Environment VFX & Gameplay VFX clean
o Final look / Clean
o Technical writing, back up.

Article about my work : https://80.lv/articles/building-environments-for-a-cartoon-game/


PC 68 / Players 74 / Steam : 71
Consoles 67 / Players 68-77

Relighting of Cyberpunk Interior Environment Kitbash. I took two working days to work on it, lighting from scratch, balancing & reworking materials, creating few ambiant vfx, adding some props I made (long time ago) like the puppet Big daddy.

Article about this work : https://80.lv/articles/bioshock-style-lighting-exercise-in-ue4/

Megascan scene slightly redressed and completely relighted to fit an Avatar (movie) mood. Around 7h of work (2-3h of lighting, the rest is dressing, creating some assets, finding some assets and looking for lighting references).

Article about this work: https://80.lv/articles/lighting-exercise-in-ue4-setup-in-the-avatar-style/

Quick scene dressed with multiple asset packs from Epic store plus my Robot as main actor. I created the lighting, did some dressing and vfx. One night work (around 5 hours).

Megascan scene redressed with Epic store packs (Barn, mill). I realized the dressing and lighting of this scene in around 2 hours.
The car has been modeled on 3 days with one of shading/uvs included.

First of a robot modeling serie, I made the robot in around two days (Modeling, Texturing, Rendering).
Around one day of modeling and one of texturing. 

I created everything from modeling to UE4 integration. Around 2 days of work for the environment,
half day for modular mesh creation and the rest in integration/textures/shaders/VFX.